Isolation Journal 2 - breathe

by Douglas Schmidt and John Oliver

tree breath 03:50
22 breaths 03:33
giant breath 04:37
high breath 05:16
short breath 04:48
noh breath 04:46
deep breath 05:09
slow breath 07:27
breathing 04:58


During this isolation time, the earth has had time to recover from humanity's rapacious overuse of her resources. As a quietness comes over the land, we overusers of the earth begin to hear her again, hear the animals, birds, insects, little creatures, plants, ocean, wind, all breathing.

The music on this album, if listened to from beginning to end with an attitude of attention, invites you to breath with the earth, to slow down and listen. This set of pieces is all about “breathing”. The person who lives to 80 will take about 672,768,000 breaths in a lifetime. The first breath of our lives is inhale, and the last breath is exhale, with variations in between. Each musical phrase or gesture in this series of compositions is a breath, with subsequent breaths functioning as variations of the previous one. The combination of bandoneon and electronics is like a duet. The bandoneon sound often morphs into extended sonorities and other instruments or voices. The bandoneon requires bellows that breathe to produce sound, and so the gradual unfolding of breaths you hear throughout the album is enhanced by sound processing that evokes the behaviour of nature.

This album is a deep listening experience that will slow you down and reconnect you to your own breath.


released May 21, 2021

Isolation Journal 2 - breathe
Music by Douglas Schmidt and John Oliver
Cover photo by Morri Kroeker
Cover design by Seiya and John Oliver
Editing, mixing, mastering by John Oliver

© 2021 Douglas Schmidt and John Oliver
℗ 2021 johnolivermusic


all rights reserved



John Oliver Vancouver, British Columbia

composer, guitarist and electronic musician My music also appears on several other labels and compilations. See my web site for details.

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